Power Fly Lead for BEAM BW130/230/280 (Open-Ended)

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    This product is designed only for use with the BEAM BW-Series automotive routers.
    No warranty available on this product after it has been wired in.

    Product Code: CN-BEAMBW-FLY

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    Additional or replacement power fly lead for the BEAM BW130, BW230 and BW280 vehicle Internet routers.  Connects directly to a vehicle's electrical wiring to allow the easy moving of BEAM routers between vehicles.

    Power fly lead - Description

    This automotive power fly lead allows BEAM BW130, BW230 and BW280 routers to be connected directly to a vehicle's wiring, for example in an equipment bay.  Installing additional power fly leads allows you to easily move units between multiple vehicles.  It's open-ended at one end and a BEAM 2-way Mate-N-Lok plug for a secure connection to the router's power input cable.


    Input Voltage: 12/24V DC
    Output Voltage: 12/24V DC
    Power Rating: 24W

    Cable Length: 500mm / 0.5m (approx)
    Auto Plug Length: 100mm (approx)
    Weight: 30g (approx)

    This product is designed only for use with the BEAM BW-series automotive routers.