BEAM 8i Automotive Router with GPS

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    The BEAM 8i commercial-grade automotive router with 4G/LTE internet, Wi-Fi, GNSS/GPS location tracking and onboard server with Ethernet, USB, HDMI, and audio outputs.  Built for buses, coaches and pop-up outdoor events to connect people and systems.

    Commercial-grade automotive router designed for commercial vehicles

    The BEAM 8i automotive router is designed for all types of vehicles.  From road vehicles such as minibuses, coaches, public buses, and commercial vehicles, through to boats and motor-homes.  The robust BEAM 8i can connect onboard systems and passengers to the internet via 4G/LTE networks.  The wide voltage input range of the BEAM 8i means the routers can be connected to either 12V or 24V vehicle power sources, or to a mains power supply using our mains adapter.

    The BEAM 8i comes with built-in GNSS/GPS to offer live vehicle tracking, ideal for managing fleet locations and enabling real-time passenger information or location-based advertising.

    Ultra-flexible mobile internet Wi-Fi

    The BEAM 8i is pre-configured and ready to go out-of-the-box for most applications, and with its simple set-up wizard, you'll be connected to the Internet within minutes after popping in your SIM card.  The informative LCD screen provides you with status information including mobile network status and signal strength, as well as diagnostic information.

    The comprehensive Web-based administration interface allows you to manage every aspect of the system, including hotspot portal branding and customisation, site black-listing and data usage limits - important when providing Wi-Fi services for your customers and passengers.  It can also connect to external RADIUS servers such as Hotspot System or Purple Wi-Fi allowing you to charge for, and control, Internet access if required.

    Fully open-source  and customisable

    BEAM iSeries routers are powered by BeamOS-R operating system based on the OpenWRT Linux OS, while the built-in application server is powered by BeamOS-i based on Debian Linux.  This offers a fully open system, allowing you to install your own applications, build management pages or customise the firmware to your own requirements.  You can also utilise the onboard HDMI video and audio outputs, as well as the GNSS location feed, for your own applications.

    We maintain the firmware in-house so you can be sure your device is supported by experts that know the BEAM 8i inside-out, and our free 30-day Get-You-Going technical support and comprehensive online Owner's Portal means that you won't be left in the dark.

    Connect everything

    This powerful router is not just for connecting people - with its comprehensive security features, multiple Wi-Fi networks, and Ethernet port, you can connect all of your systems to the Internet through this single box, reducing the number of SIM cards required in your vehicles.

    The BEAM 8i has two SIM slots for fail-over, bonding or roaming capability.

    Packed with connectivity

    Connect everything and everyone

    4G LTE Internet

    4G LTE up to 150Mbps - 3G/HDSPA+ up to 42Mbps
    2G up to 230Kbps
    2 x Standard sized SIM slots

    Wireless b/g/n up to 150Mbps

    Wi-Fi supports IEEE 820.11b/g/n with WPA/WPA2 security,
    customisable hotspot and captive portal.

    Ethernet, USB and HDMI Ports

    Built-in Ethernet 100Mbps, USB 2.0 and HDMI ports for connecting external systems, as well as Bluetooth 4.2 support.

    Vehicle Tracking with GNSS

    Global Navigation Satellite System compatible with GPS and Galileo, acquiring and tracking up to 66 satellites simultaneously.

    Easy installation and set-up

    Get set-up and connected in minutes.

    Works in any type of vehicle

    Designed for buses, coaches and commercial vehicles, using a 12/24V automotive supply or with a mains adapter.

    Quick installation

    Using the supplied power fly-lead, just connect two wires directly into the master power circuit on the vehicle.

    Web-based administration with Wizard set-up

    A comprehensive Web-based admin interface allows you to manage every aspect of the system.

    In the box...

    • 1 x BEAM 8i Automotive Router

    • 2 x LTE Antenna (SMA connection)

    • 2 x Wi-Fi Antenna (SMA connection)

    • 1 x Ethernet Cable

    • 1 x 0.5m Power Fly-lead (open-ended for direct vehicle wiring)

    • 1 x Quick Start Guide

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